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AO Glass Figurine

Green Mountain Dry Goods

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AO Glass was started in 2007 when Rich Arentzen and Tove Ohlander moved from Norway to Burlington. 

"A Tomte (or tomtar, plural) is an essential part of Nordic folklore. They’re mischievous but devoted little elves or gnomes who have tasked themselves with the protection of a homestead - especially the children and animals. They patter around at night, checking on the sleeping inhabitants and leaving tiny footprints in the snow. Originally it was thought that the Tomte was the ancestral spirit of the first farmer to own a plot of land (tomt in Swedish). Although they are loyal caretakers, they may also cause trouble if the house or farm isn’t run to their liking..."

Available with a blue or green hat and measure 3.5 - 4" tall.

"In the 1700’s the Abenaki and Iroquois had warned European settlers about the large serpent-like creature inhabiting the Lake Champlain, who they called Gitaskog. The monster has since been dubbed “America’s Loch Ness Monster,” and locally as “Champ.”  AO Glass has created Champs since 2007 and we know where some of them are: one made it to Washington DC at one of our Senator’s offices, and one of them is in the time capsule buried just above the Echo Center."

Champ is hand-sculpted, about 3-6” long and has unique personality and shape.

Locally made in Vermont

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