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100% natural small batch beard care and grooming products.

From the founder, owner, formulator, package designer and test monkey:

Burlington Burnout - "Burlington Burnout reminds me of that time I can't remember.  It has a few drops of patchouli oil, the scent of which can be a love/hate relationship for people.  You will most certainly be mistaken for a head-shop employee.  Burnout may also take the person sitting next to you on the subway back to the time of free love, which could be cool... depending on who's sitting there... I guess?"

Frosted Woods - "Picture this: It's the middle of January and you are lost in the Green Mountains.  The epic battle between the elements, creatures, and the beard on your face rages on.  You may freeze to death or be eaten by wild animals, but at least your beard will be so fresh-to-literally-death.  Chock full of pine and spearmint, this blend will transport you to the middle of nowheresville, population 1."

Natural - "Our natural line contains no fragrant oils.  This is straight up base formula and wont interfere with any of your colognes or whatnot you like to wear.  Also great if you have extremely sensitive skin or just trying to avoid scents in general."

Locally made in Vermont

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