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Golden Hill Beeswax Candle

Golden Hill Candles

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 100% beeswax tapered candles

Tapered Candles are 2 candles total

 Burn time: approximately 7-10 hours per candle

 10", 7" and Unison is 9" tall  by 3/4" wide at the base.

Tea lights : 100% beeswax tea light candles 12 candles total

Tea lights are meant to be burned in one sitting.  Burn time: 4 hours per candle. Burn time depends on conditions while burning.  If burned correctly, beeswax candles will burn dripless and smokeless.

 Beeswax is sourced from northern Vermont apiaries.  Candles are made using the traditional hand dipped technique where layers of wax are built up consecutively by dipping a cotton wick into a pot of melted beeswax until the desired candle size is achieved.

The candles are made by hand and therefore no two candles are alike.  Beeswax is a natural material and colors will vary and there might be subtle irregularities.  We love the natural look of handmade beeswax candles and think it adds to their appeal.

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