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Sugar Bob's Nuts

Sugar Bobs

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"Sugar Bob" has been making maple syrup in the high mountain valley of Landgrove, Vermont for much of his adult life—long enough to see saplings he walked by thirty years ago bear buckets overflowing with sap.

Apple Pie Maple Almonds:  Magically delicious slow roasted almonds covered in apple pie spices.  Sweetened with pure maple sugar and apple cider concentrate made in Vermont. Excellent for snacking or as a topping for pancakes or other treats that need a tasty apple crunch!

Maple Sriracha Cashews:  Cashews coated with Vermont Maple Sriracha, maple sugar, and a dry spice mix, then slow-roasted to perfection by hand.

Maple Spiced Pecans:  Smoked Maple Syrup, six aromatic spices, and pure maple sugar combine to create this bright and distinctive snacking pecan.  Delicious on their own, they are also a sommelier's delight, pairing perfectly with well aged blue cheeses, and big red cabernets.

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